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Лекарственные средства


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Do you need registration of medical drugs?

We will save your time and money, as well as overcome all obstacles for you.

Registration of medical devices is a prerequisite for their use and sale on the territory of the Russian Federation. Our company performs a wide range of tasks in the field of registration and certification of medical devices, and provides services for obtaining a registration certificate for a medical device, both in Russia and within the framework of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU).

Для реализации зарубежного медицинского препарата в России важно получить разрешение – сертификат GMP (Good Practice Manufacturing) российского образца. Выдается документ Министерством промышленности и торговли РФ. Для этого проверяется зарубежная площадка, где выпускается продукция. На всех этапах процедуры важна поддержка специалистов, обеспечить которой готова наша компания.

We are ready to take on the project today
and come to a positive result
as soon as possible!

What will we do for you?

Registration of medical devices


Профессионально соберем

регистрационное досье.

Поможем осуществить ввоз образцов лекарственных средств для зарубежных производителей.
Проведём для вас все необходимые доклинические и клинические испытания.
Будем сопровождать досье в Минздраве РФ на протяжении всего периода.

При работе с нашей компанией, вы получаете всестороннюю помощь и содействие по любым вопросам связным с государственной регистрацией лекарственных средств.

Amendment of registration documentation

For already registered medical devices, we will update and amend the registration documentation. We will receive a declaration of conformity as soon as possible.

What can we register for you?

Medical products of domestic and foreign production, for example:

  • Medical products for cosmetology and plastic surgery (fillers, threads, implants, etc.);
  • Dressings and sutures;
  • Dental materials;
  • Medical masks;
  • Devices, apparatuses, devices, devices, equipment and software used for medical purposes;
  • Medical supplies
  • and much more that is used in medical practice.

Why choose us?

  • We are ready to solve non-standard tasks.
  • Do not lose sight of a single detail
  • Our experience has allowed us to build a sustainable understanding of how to build a process effectively
  • We carry out registration according to the plan drawn up as soon as possible
  • We are aware of all ongoing and future changes.
  • We work for the result
  • We are always online and ready to help you.


We will be happy to help you with your questions. You can consult with us for free!

Сертификат GMP

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